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Our mission is to develop a radical solution based on the combination of a cloud-based mapping platform and an airborne detection system. Our Mine Kafon Drones are estimated to be up to 20 times faster and 200 times cheaper than traditional demining technologies, along with being completely safe due to the indirect involvement of humans in the detection process.

Economically, the presence of landmines makes many properties unusable, blocking the access to homes, roads, health facilities, schools, markets and other essential service providers, which results in an accentuated stagnation of local economies. By denying safe access to farming and irrigation, landmines progressively lead to increased food insecurity. The removal of landmines would thus represent the lifting of a major obstacle in the way of economic re-integration of the affected areas. Not only would the absence of these remnants of war restore a normal economic activity and social order, but it would also create long-term economic opportunities. For instance, many of the countries plagued by such problems have rather rich deposits of rare elements such as iron ore, copper, gold and lithium. The sustainable exploitation of such valuable resources could provide a boost to local and national economies, creating jobs and bettering the affluence of local communities.

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